About Us

CK BeautyPostnatal, the parent company of CK MAMA was established in 2007. Positioning itself as a one-stop confinement platform, we have been providing our wide range of confinement services to over 40,000 postnatal mums across 250 locations in Malaysia and Singapore. Book a confinement lady at ease and stay anticipated for your new arrival. No tedious process, but only transparent and customised solutions that bring you peace of mind.

CK MAMA Stay-in Confinement Lady Service

Comprehensive Postnatal Care

Enjoy different confinement services at one price. Depending on your needs, you may freely customise with traditional Bidan massage, Chinese herbs and maternal healthcare consultation services, as well as purchasing mum and baby care products through our platform.

CK MAMA Traditional Herbs Prescription

Healthcare and Wellness Information

From confinement meals, herbs tonic to toddler care, every information you need is at your fingertips. What’s more, the online community allows you to form friendships with other mums, sharing unique baby’s updates that you will fondly look back with joy.

CK MAMA Traditional Herbs Prescription

24 Hours Healthcare Hotline

Our healthcare team is ever-ready to provide free consultation to ease your doubts, allowing you to deal with postnatal discomfort, understand your baby’s condition and stay healthy.

CK MAMA Traditional Herbs Prescription

Traditional Bidan Massage

The skillful traditional massage has been standing through the trial of time. Coupled with natural herbs and essential oil, it is effective in easing your postnatal discomfort, stress and worriness, allowing you to regain health while nurturing a healthy generation.

CK MAMA Traditional Herbs Prescription

Professional Customer Care

We serve as a bridge between confinement lady and mommy, helping you to address your concerns that arise. At the same time, our counselling service provides you a confidential space to share your feelings and emotion, bringing you the confinement days that make you feel secure.

CK MAMA Traditional Herbs Prescription

Finest Infant Care

Never worry about being a new mum. With the care and guidance from confinement lady, you can focus on getting restful confinement while picking up the skills step by step.

Serving for Social Good

We believe that we are successful only when the people around us benefit from our success. As such, we strive to improve the betterment of social lifestyle by providing job opportunities to single mums and needy families.