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CK BIDAN has more than 250 experienced Malay therapists and the demand is continuously growing. We aim to recruit more skilful and dedicated Malay Postnatal Therapist to join us and make CK BIDAN a leading postnatal platform!
CK BIDAN join as bidan

Why Join CK BIDAN?

Work with us as a full-time without a binding contract

Increase income more than 50% – 150%

Flexible working hours

A chance to obtain Singapore SSI Certificate and London FHT Certificate

CK BIDAN join as bidan

We find potential clients, you just need to fulfil the tasks.

Able to perform Malay traditional massage

At least 5 years of working experience

Aged between 25 - 59

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CK BIDAN join as bidan
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CK BIDAN join as bidan
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