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We are looking for experienced confinement ladies. If you are passionate about this career, join us and be part of the largest confinement platform! You may also refer suitable candidates to us.
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Why Join CK MAMA?

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Contract-free commitment

Free medical insurance

Payment issued within 48 hours

Various bonuses and sales commissions

CK MAMA confinement lady requirements

We find potential clients, you just need to fulfil the tasks.

Aged between 35 - 63

Passionate in mum and toddler care

Healthy body without tattoos

Clear background without illegal records

Possess working ethics, integrity and care

3 years+ of working experience in toddler care

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With 15 years of experiences in postpartum service

  • Powerful advertising delivered to 5 million people every month

  • International business with self-operated companies in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia, Eastern Europe, and Hong Kong

  • Effective management, never delinquent confinement lady commission

  • Consistent brand image enhancing the overall image of confinement lady

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CK MAMA join as confinement lady
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CK MAMA join as confinement lady
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